Friday, November 21, 2008

Human Insanity Part-Infinity

It’s a Sunday morning..finally…the only “day” in a week…the rest 6 being merely pages out of a planner…
But I just relished it for the 1st ten minutes of opening my eyes and blanking at my ceiling and that’s when I hear a “plop” in my head...assignments for tomorrow, presentations about topics that were greek and latin a year ago…phew!!!’s too happening these days…

Wish I had some “thing” with me..some awesome tech innovation, which would do my assignments, cook my food, clean my room and and most importantly, feed my head with all the learning I need to do…life would be floating on a cloud if that was possible…
That reminds me of the famous sitcom “Small Wonder” or the latest innovation from Honda- “ Humanoid”…the famous ad of the cute faced robot doing “our” things..

Time for my paper and coffee…

These early morning thoughts have made me turn to the IT page..trying to find if there was something to tickle my grey matter and excite me…technology is such an addiction…you keep wanting to know what’s new in the world today…
Technology>> the biggest bane of the human era, the effort of making life more easier, more “simpler”, more comfortable, that there is no care in the world.

This whole new age of virtual existence and AI. These were terms that never existed when my dad was born. They were close to “Impossibility” but here we are in this crazy, wild, tech-savvy planet that is in need of robots to go to the moon or machines and tools to make human decisions.We are an insane bunch.
Artificial of the greatest innovations of our times.The reason for robots and smart homes. Innovation, here, points at a total different dimension, which is a main profit point for businesses these days especially those industries focusing on “buying & selling”. It’s a delight to know there are AI-Engines that are run, to find out in what ways a business can increase their profits and what should be done to avoid its minimization.
Infact, these are the systems that are coming into the market nowadays. More of the day-to-day examples like the BMW car that can park itself, AI based traffic signals or even the new fad in digicams that “clicks when you smile”.

What about virtualization!!!
“Making something felt without its physical presence”.
There were times, in school, when we thought the word “Virtual” was so cool. Infact it’s a silent revolution that’s making technology being felt in every stone or wall or pillar.
Businesses have gone virtual over the internet and now the latest addition being system virtualization where multiple systems reside “virtually” in a single physical system. Phew!!
This shows nothings impossible and imagination that runs wild is the source of answers to all our queries today.

This reminds me of the most common debate topic we all had in school, “Technology – A boon or bane???”.
We all believe that everything that brings about something good, has its own dark sides.And so is the case of technology.

To implement all these wild ideas of innovation and virtualization, there is a lot of knowledge management that is required. Everything runs on information and our main aim is to protect it and keep it secure.
That’s the reason that “Security Systems” have been an overgrowing business venture off late. This can be the usual Norton or Quick Heal Anti Virus Systems that we have in our home PC which are Anti Malware or Anti Spyware softwares as well.
Now here we have the chain reaction.
Increase in security has lead to the term "information integrity".
From integrity of behavior, we have integrity on information that means "trust and dependability on information".How much of it is valid, up-to-date, relevant and who owns the knowledge and information.Its a bit wierd that information also needs to maintain integrity but that is how insane we are.
Researches, studies, papers..what not has been done on it..
We humans never stop at one, we does our though process.
Damn...i myself am tired thinkin too much, my coffee-newspaper session has made me yearning for a lot more than I would require to know.
Its time I started doin my assignments and probably, one day, come up with a device that is connected to my head so my daily routines can be effortless..